Radon test today

Radonchek-round Radon test today

It’s time for you to Radon test today!

It has long been established that Radon is a problem so don’t wait, Radon test today! As human beings the responsibility as home owners to maintain a safe house yours.

Why is it that so many of us neglect the health of our home which in turn potentially puts family members in peril?

When you purchased your home did you have a Home Inspection? If your answer was yes to that question, good on you!


As part of your home inspection did you inquire about having your home tested for Radon gas?  This is part of the service that my company offers you and your family.

Health Canada says the gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the country, behind only smoking. Personally, I feel like this is a serious issue that should be talked about more in the real estate industry. It is understood that nearly 850 people in Ontario die from lung cancer caused by Radon. Canada wide it is believed to be about 3500 people who die from lung cancer caused by Radon every year!

So what is Radon?

Radon is a gas produced when uranium, which occurs naturally in soil and rock, breaks down over time. So it’s unfortunately invisible, odourless, and tasteless. Radon is created by the radioactive decay of uranium and radium. Although it’s harmless to you at low levels, when trapped in your home it can accumulate to high levels especially in the winter months. This is when it becomes dangerous to your health.

How does Radon enter my home?

The short answer would be through the basement. Radon sneaks into your house through cracks, drains, sump pits and well water to name a few. Because Radon is a gas it comes from a place of high pressure (underground) to lower pressure. (surface)

Is my Home safe?

Maybe, maybe not! Let us test your house. We can verify if your home levels are safe or if further action is needed.

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