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scott-may-certificate-2-300x240 About UsI was formerly the owner of HDL Home Improvements in Burlington Ontario until 2009. I became a certified Home Inspector in 2010. There have been many courses taken and I have attended many seminars related to the operations involved in a house and identifying issues. There will be more certifications in the near future!

I successfully passed the Radon measurement course. Personally, I have been involved with many talks with Government

Radon Measurement Service Provider 01/09/2013 EDU-0000-3925-

I successfully passed my IAC2 course.

Scott May | Cert. #IAC2-01-8814
Eyespy Home Inspection

         scott-may-certificate-2-300x240 About Usscott-may-certificate-2-300x240 About Usscott-may-certificate-2-300x240 About Us